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Forms Authentication Path Not Working

Updating, Deleting, and Creating Data3. Dynamically Populating a Control Using JavaScript Code (C#)3. Consequently, each server must use the same encryption and validation keys so that the forms authentication ticket created, encrypted, and validated on one server can be decrypted and validated on a This Panel is only displayed to authenticated users. http://sistemainmo.com/forms-authentication/forms-authentication-css-not-working.php

Creating the Membership Schema in SQL Server (C#)2. Displaying a Custom Error Page (C#)12. Advanced Enterprise Web Deployment2. In the previous tutorial, if the supplied credentials were valid we simply called FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage(UserName.Text, RememberMe.Checked), which performed the following steps: Created the forms authentication ticket Wrote the ticket to the appropriate

Possession of the token, in essence, declares, I am username, I have already logged in, and is used so that a user's identity can be remembered across page visits. This document explains how forms authentication works in ASP.NET 2.0. If it gets set to true, then the LoggedIn event handler is called and then the Login control itself redirects to the originally requested page.

Update the Login.aspx page's LoginButton Click event handler so that the code looks like the following: Protected Sub LoginButton_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles LoginButton.Click ' Three valid protection is set to All to specify privacy and integrity for the forms authentication ticket. For example, if your login page was named SignIn.aspx and was located in the Users directory, you could point the loginUrl configuration setting to ~/Users/SignIn.aspx like so:

Why do Phineas and Ferb get 104 days of summer vacation? Strategies for Database Development and Deployment (C#)11. In a typical forms authentication cookie, the value contains a string representation of the encrypted and signed FormsAuthenticationTicket object. Interacting with the Master Page from the Content Page (C#)7.

Changing 'theorem' to 'Theorem' while using \cleveref{} NBG conservative extension of ZFC? Master/Detail Using a Selectable Master GridView with a Details DetailView (VB)Custom Formatting1. This includes settings like: the lifetime of the forms authentication ticket; what sort of protection is applied to the ticket; under what conditions cookieless authentication tickets are used; the path to Using Postbacks with ReorderList (VB)4.

Hope it helps. ------------web.config------------ element to the element with the following markup: Using an Login Page

Using Parameterized Queries with the SqlDataSource (C#)3. http://sistemainmo.com/forms-authentication/forms-authentication-not-working-asp-net-4-0.php Not the answer you're looking for? The element may optionally include a child element, through which an assortment of forms authentication settings may be specified. Using Postbacks with ReorderList (C#)2.

Slider Control With Auto-Postback (C#)2. My boss asks me to stop writing small functions and do everything in the same loop How to plot a simple circle in LaTeX On Tate's "Endomorphisms of Abelian Varieties over Forms Authentication Control Flow Figure 1 shows the sequence of events that occur during forms authentication. his comment is here I am very new to this so there's probably something obvious I'm doing wrong, but all pages seem to redirect to Login.aspx, even though I'm allowing all users.

Domain. If anything the path should be the full web path - something like /wwstore/admin - certainly not admin. If you want the cookie to be passed to all subdomains you need to customize the domain attribute setting it to yourdomain.com .

Does the path attribute have to be relative?

It will not send to cookie to the server if you access http://localhost/Default.aspx because the path doesn't match. This safeguard helps protect against replay attacks. Privacy Statement| Terms of Use| Contact Us| Advertise With Us| CMS by Umbraco| Hosted on Microsoft Azure Feedback on ASP.NET| File Bugs| Support Lifecycle

Blog Sign inJoin Language ASP.NET Home Sign the forms authentication ticket.

You want to start slowly using simple one. I can't really post my whole web.config as it contains a lot of sensitive data though if you think something might be pertinent I can pull bits of it out. –Jon I figured out that it's because the cookie is being assigned to http://MachineName/Admin/ not http://MachineName/MyApp/Admin. weblink Nested Data Web Controls (C#)5.

This can be accomplished by setting the cookieless configuration setting to UseUri: Once you have made this change, visit the site through a AutoDetect. Secure. Is adding the ‘tbl’ prefix to table names really a problem?

For example, you can add support for other Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directories or other existing corporate identity stores. Dim ticket As FormsAuthenticationTicket = FormsAuthentication.Decrypt(authCookie.Value) We then create a new FormsAuthenticationTicket instance based on the existing FormsAuthenticationTicket's values. Cross Application Ticket Sharing - a single web server may host multiple ASP.NET applications. This provider uses either an Active Directory or Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) user store.

How do I deal with my current employer not respecting my decision to leave? Performing Batch Updates (VB)8. The default value is an empty string, which causes the browser to use the domain from which it was issued (such as www.yourdomain.com). Dim authCookie As HttpCookie = FormsAuthentication.GetAuthCookie(UserName.Text, RememberMe.Checked) In order to work with the FormAuthenticationTicket embedded within the cookie, we need to call the FormAuthentication class's Decrypt method, passing in the cookie

Role-Based Authorization (C#)4. You may alsocheckthe valueUser Identity.Name and Request.IsAuthenticated make sure it's anonymous user, Sometimesit's because of the persistent cookie. Here is the setup for my site. I need to isolate my forums. Learning resources Microsoft Virtual Academy Channel 9 MSDN Magazine Community Forums Blogs Codeplex Support Self support Programs BizSpark (for startups) Microsoft Imagine (for students) United States (English) Newsletter Privacy & cookies

defaultUrl is set to the Default.aspx page for the application. The content you requested has been removed. A common workaround used in cookieless environments is to encode the cookie data in the URL. To illustrate how this information can be retrieved from the UserData property, let's update Default.aspx so that its welcome message includes not only the user's name, but also the company they

Debugging Stored Procedures (C#)9. Using AJAX Control Toolkit Controls and Control Extenders (VB)6.