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Google Analytics Goals Not Working


I am interested in learning more about the negative lookaheads to see if they can solve my problem; however, later in the funnel, many of the pages begin "/shop/checkout/". If the report contains matching goal entries, then your regular expression is correct. Here is the list of steps. 100% of the users ‘leave' after Step 4 but at least 1/2 of them really are going on to the Step 5 url but it You can overwrite the pagename, again easily in GTM, and a little more technical in straight GA implementation code. news

http://www.easynet.co.il/services/applied_web_analytics/ Daniel Waisberg Great post Jonathan, very informative. Stephen Landau This is brilliant. However, the funnel report shows users coming into step 1, then exiting to "/www.foobar.com/users/new" -- and entering the goal step from "/www.foobar.com/users/new". Unfortunately, I can think of lots of examples (and I'm sure you can, too) where a funnel has the possibility of skipping steps in a completely rational way. More Help

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example an e-mail or tweet.  If you can control the link,  I suggest you to use the Google URL builder tool to include the information related to the source.  I know, Well this solution won't help you. Even if it is no trouble at all why do it? I'm testing your suggestions in a test profile right now, but my funnels are lengthy and specific and I'm not getting data very quickly.

You force the Google analytics to exclude those other examples. Remember, filters that modify URLs are applied to the raw data coming into your account before the goals are processed. They're whether you hit a specific page, or an event fires. Google Analytics Regular Expression Generator Error 2:  Goals are recorded but traffic source is lost or appears like direct.

product page 2. I read the negative lookaheads post but I am not whether I got it right… Would we sort problem out if we use the following reg expressions: Step 1: (?=/user) Step If a visitor repeats a conversion on a subsequent visit, it gets counted again. (The text "X visitors finished" on the funnel report is REALLY misleading.) Fraser Hi Jonathan, This post http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16550326/goals-not-working-google-analytics So you're going to see aggregate numbers for both funnels for pageA and pageC since those are shared between both funnels.

Deanna Lee Thanks for your quick reply. How To Define A Destination Url Goal So if someone views step 1, skips to step 3, and then views the goal page, GA will actually show that they proceeded through step 2! I’m sorry for what has turned into a stream-of-consciousness barrage of questions, but in the short time I’ve been looking into analytics, you and your colleagues stand out as beacons of Sure it will help many GA users around the world 😀 Thanks!

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The Goal Conversion Rate is tied simply to the final URL Destination, and doesn't care about the funnel. Discover More Your other reports still include any visit that views the goal page, but the Funnel Visualization report only calls it a conversion if it visits the required funnel page. Google Calendar Goals Not Working I never used regular expressions in my steps before and didn't have this problem. Google Goals Not Showing Up As an example day's stats, Goal #1 Conversion Rate was 7.72%, but the Funnel Conversion Rate for that same goal was 16.23%.

There's almost no point in using data to make strategic decisions if it's not correct, so you'd better double check. navigate to this website Not all goals have a natural funnel, and you aren't required to define a funnel for a goal. If for some reason you can't differentiate the actual URLs, this is a decent workaround. In addition, views are only populated going forward. Google Analytics Destination Goal

Your Inbox. Each one returns a slightly different url that looks like: mydomain.com/signup/differentTOKEN As a step in the analytics funnel I am using this regular expression to try to capture anyone who advances But the truth is, GA doesn't care what order the steps occur in. More about the author A Primer on Funnels A funnel is just an ordered list of pages (up to ten) leading up to your goal page.

How to avoid the 3 Top Mistakes Tracking Goal? Google Analytics Goal Tracking What I'm trying to do is add a funnel step which filters any URLs except one. http://akhilka.com Akhil K A My all the doubts has been clear.

Check them all. 2.  Traffic is coming through a link outside your website.

It will fill in any pages between a visited step and the goal." Why in the world would they go to the trouble to do this? Over 100K/month learn from our content. Garry Thanks again, Sayf. Google Analytics Goals Examples either “order page 1 of variation A” or “order page 1 of variation B” 3.

Thanks for detailing some of the Gotchas of GA Goals and Funnels! Confusing Thing #4: You Can't Segment Goal Funnels Are you interested in just looking at how the organic traffic is performing in your funnels, rather than all traffic? If you have a Custom Segment applied while looking at one report, you might get confused when you switch over to the Funnel Visualization and lose the ability to segment. click site The first step was modified to include it in the lookahead.

Receive Blog Updates More Options Monthly Email Newsletters Yes, Sign Me Up! Using the Wrong Match Type If you have a Thank You page you want to use as your goal URL destination, do a quick check to be sure you have chosen the right So if someone views step 1, skips to step 3, and then views the goal page, GA will actually show that they proceeded through step 2! Say they buy something, complete the transaction process and then decide they want to buy something else.

Very helpful. Share this: Was this article helpful?How can we improve it?YesNoSubmit GoalsAnalytics is not tracking goalsUsers appear to drop out of Funnel to another domain or subdomainIncorrect Attribution of Entrance Page Google Jonathan Receive Blog Updates Get notified when blog posts like this one are published! Just don't ever assume that the numbers are 100% accurate.

How Does It Work With GA?YouTube Tracking In Google Analytics & Google Tag ManagerCross Domain Tracking with Google Tag Manager Topics Analytics Google Analytics Google Analytics Premium Conversion Data Science Google If not, you may need to make them more specific. The goal might have a 0.5% conversion rate, but the funnel conversion rate might be 50%. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Goals not working Google Analytics up vote 0 down vote favorite I have the following url: http:// domain.com/subdirectory/ for my website.

Be sure your goal code is set to fire after your form validates so you are sure the form was filled out. Funnels are how we can look at the steps someone may take along the way to those goals. either “order page 2 of variation A” or “order page 2 of variation B” 4. What I would generally do is something along the lines of an additional single session cookie getting dropped on the penultimate page, that lets us know they actually did hit that