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Google Maps Api Not Working Ie


Regards Jorge MiHtml.htm 1.2 KB View Download Dec 14, 2015 #27 [email protected] This is the image file with error. There's no point in just examine the html as it's the combination of the c++ program using CHtmlView and the html file that causes the problem. But if I click F5 the map shows up OK. When Google discontinued IE8 support in 2012, that was specific to Google Apps: Gmail, Google Drive, etc. More about the author

For some reason the previous devs were forcing IE into quirks (ie7) mode and the google api issue started today. Jun 6, 2016 Project Member #99 [email protected] #95 and #98. Interestingly enough, when I entered those and other invalid values the userAgent string indicated the Edge browser!! Added new Map event "idle", fired when the map hasn't moved for a bit. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28587238/google-maps-api-v3-19-broken-in-internet-explorer-quirks-mode

You Are Using A Browser That Is Not Supported By The Google Maps Javascript Api

How? に as the subject marker? You can find our official browser support here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/browsersupport You will see officially we don't support neither IE7, IE8 nor IE9, the first IE version that's officially supported is IE10. What is the most someone can lose the popular vote by but still win the electoral college?

Code snippet #80 from above works perfectly in detecting when it will fail. Versioning documentation is available at: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/versions Available versions after rollover: Experimental: 3.20 Release: 3.19 Frozen: 3.18 3.19 24 April 2015

Fixed: Cursors in signed-in mode. 19 March 2015

Fixed: Google is probably sending it to the lawyers so it will be years before we get a solution. Google Maps Browser Support Troubleshooting If you don't see "google.com" listed, or if you still see a warning regarding compatibility view after following the steps above, make sure that your computer has the latest Windows

more beta crud foisted on end users, or google playing dirty tricks with Microsoft users/products a la windows phone, who knows? Google Maps Api Ie9 Here is our code snippet for further review. This addresses Issue 1377. https://support.google.com/maps/answer/3118069?hl=en Anna Sep 29, 2011 at 3:07 PM 383 Comments I hate it when you are using a site, and it works fine, and then they change it on you, and the

I'm also keen to hear stories from people who ask the WebControl for the navigator.userAgent (and maybe document.documentMode ?). Google Maps You Seem To Be Using An Unsupported Browser I don't know for certain, but this probably has to do with the move away from what Google now calls "Classic Maps" to whatever they call the new thing. It should contain the string "rv:11.0" to indicate IE11.0. You might also need to update to the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Google Maps Api Ie9

This page Documentation feedback Google Maps JavaScript API Product feedback Need help? I'm not able to reproduce any error on IE10 or IE11, and I'd still appreciate if anyone could post a reproducible example, everything in one file, DOM+JS everything included that can You Are Using A Browser That Is Not Supported By The Google Maps Javascript Api I added the version number and voila! Google Maps Internet Explorer 11 Rish Nov 19, 2012 at 1:50 AM 1 Comments Hi all, I have the following code which works in all browsers except for IE.Can someone please check?

Join Now I have at least two users who say Google Maps is not working correctly this last week. my review here Can you use "nothing more, nothing less than" when speaking of a person? Viola, it works now. This link explains how and why http://weblog.west-wind.com/posts/2011/May/21/Web-Browser-Control-Specifying-the-IE-Version I've tested the various options and can report the following with V3.23 - Value 1B58 IE 7 - This starts ok but the onion Google Maps Not Working In Internet Explorer

The GoogleMap.html in your zip file loads a map fine, I have no errors on the console. More info about FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION at https://weblog.west-wind.com/posts/2011/May/21/Web-Browser-Control-Specifying-the-IE-Version Feb 16, 2016 Project Member #49 [email protected] Hi everyone, Thanks for the jsfiddle. Stack Overflow Ask a question under the google-maps-api-3 tag. http://sistemainmo.com/google-maps/google-maps-api-key-not-working.php Signed-in maps deprecated 6 October 2016 The signed-in feature is deprecated.

Dec 13, 2015 #23 [email protected] i have the same problem. Google Maps Ie Accelerator Jul 7, 2016 #129 [email protected] Thanks a lot CrockFord for the wonderful work with Json2.js Jul 21, 2016 #130 [email protected] Simply including Json2.js by CrockFord solved also the very May I ask which version of IE this is using in your case?

Setting these keys to 0x2af8 works for me to get IE11.0 emulation.

This should not affect developer's code, as these methods weren't actually used before. Most also don't want me to reset their settings. Feb 26, 2010 Changed issues: Issue 1651: mousemove / mouseover / mouseout for map canvas Issue 2142: DirectionsRendererOptions should allow users to suppress markers entirely Issue 2148: event.latLng Missing! Google Maps Api Browser Support Thought I'd resolved it by putting in the space which Chrome and Firefox handled just fine, IE needs an actual character as a placeholder, which is unfortunate as now the tab

Jun 16, 2016 #111 [email protected] Previously we are using V3.2 Java script Google map API. Thanks Feb 24, 2015 #13 [email protected] C# webBrowser control is OK as well Feb 24, 2015 #14 [email protected] Mine working too Mar 16, 2015 Project Member #15 [email protected] Jan 12, 2016 #38 [email protected] I encountered this problem today in a program I've written using the .NET WebBrowser control. navigate to this website No other value worked for me.

overview_path added to DirectionsRoute, providing an encoded polyline representing the entire course of the route. 26 May 2014 Added: sensor parameter is no longer required in the Maps API URL. 20 Lab colleague uses cracked software. It seems clear that Google broke the API with issue 3 .24. I used to use it all the time, and it worked fine, but the new "updates" they did to it make it very difficult to use.

With any luck, it'll fix it for everyone. For details, see our Site Policies. May 7, 2011 No noticeable changes. 3.4 May 7, 2011 No noticeable changes. By creating an account, you're agreeing to our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy Not a member?

share|improve this answer answered Dec 12 '14 at 13:10 Mooseman 1237 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote We had the same problem. I cant understand what is the problem. I also use the embedded ie browser on a form. Does anyone know how to reference the body.onLoad action through another means, say in an on page call?

As long as your IE11 keeps running as an IE7, it keeps being broken. IE has build in compatibility mode.